Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kickstarter Watch: Fantasy Scroll Mag

If you read my last post, you may be familiar with Fantasy Scroll Mag, a new science fiction and fantasy magazine that will be publishing a story of mine called The Unworthy in one of its first issues. Fantasy Scroll Mag is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to support the launch of the magazine. This, of course, makes them perfect fodder for the next installment of Kickstarter Watch!

In their own words, Fantasy Scroll Magazine publishes science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal short stories, with one mission in mind: to provide high quality, entertaining, and thought-provoking speculative fiction. 

They recently released a small sample issue to give readers a glimpse of what to expect when the magazine launches, featuring two short stories you can read right now for free. They're also running a series of interviews on their Kickstarter updates page with the authors who will be contributing to future issues--including Yours Truly

If you're a reader of science fiction and fantasy, it's more important than ever to support new markets in the short fiction space. It's also worth mentioning that one of Fantasy Scroll's stretch goals is to be able to raise their pay for writers to pro-rates, and that would be fantastic. As of this writing, they're in their last week of funding. So please give them a read and consider kicking a few dollars their way to help out. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sale Braggage: "The Unworthy" Sold to Fantasy Scroll Mag

I am pleased to share a little good news from this past weekend. A story of mine called The Unworthy has been accepted for publication by Fantasy Scroll Mag, an upcoming speculative fiction magazine run by the creator of the Fantasy Scroll writing blog. From their website:

Fantasy Scroll Mag is a quarterly publication featuring science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal short-fiction. We are a brand new publication and our mission is to publish high-quality, entertaining, and thought-provoking speculative fiction. We plan to publish our first issue in the first half of 2014 and we are now in the process of collecting stories.

The Unworthy is a dark fantasy piece that leaped from some weird corner of my brain a couple of years ago when I first started experimenting at flash fiction length, and I'm glad it's found a home at Fantasy Scroll Mag.

FSM's editor-in-chief, Iulian Ionescu, invited me to submit something after he read Item Not As Described in UFO 2. I'm delighted to have my work featured in one of their first issues (I'm told it will be either the first or second), and it looks like I'll be sharing space with some talented authors. Please consider checking it out when the time comes. New speculative fiction markets are always welcome!

photo credit: Justin Shearer via cc

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kickstarter Watch: Unidentified Funny Objects 3

In the first of what may become a regular occurrence here on the site, I'd like to point you lovely people in the direction of a speculative fiction market currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. This particular market may be familiar to those of you who pay attention to my little corner of the internet: Unidentified Funny Objects 3.

UFO3 will be the third in an annual series of speculative humor anthologies edited by Alex Shvartsman. The first two are hilarious (if I do say so myself), and still available for purchase. I've been a big fan of these books since the first was released, and was pleased to have a story of my own featured in the last one, UFO2. One of the reasons I love the series so much is its focus on the humorous side of science fiction and fantasy, which doesn't usually get enough love from the wider array of short fiction markets.

Please take a look at UFO3's kickstarter page. If you like what you see, consider throwing a few bucks their way. A short press release from UFO Publishing with more info on the anthology follows:

UFO Publishing revealed cover art and attached headliners for the third annual Unidentified Funny Objects anthology of humorous science fiction and fantasy. 
Set to release in October 2014, UFO3 will feature original cover art by Tomasz Maronski and interior illustrations by Barry Munden. 
Series editor Alex Shvartsman announced that he already has original stories in from Piers Anthony and Karen Haber, as well as a pair of reprints from Robert Silverberg and Mike Resnick. 
Other headliners expected to contribute original stories to this volume are Esther Friesner, Tim Pratt, Jody Lynn Nye, Jim C. Hines, Gini Koch, and David Farland. 
Shvartsman said that several other high-profile authors have expressed interest in the project and may contribute original stories. 
A round of open submissions will be held starting March 1st. Shvartsman hopes to collect approximately 80,000 words of fiction for Volume 3, pending a successful crowd funding campaign.
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