Monday, February 22, 2016

Writers of the Future Volume 32 Now Available for Preorder

This year's Writers of the Future anthology, which features my 1st Place winning story, is now available for preorder on Amazon. And take a long gander at that cover art by Sergey Poyarkov. Is that not fantastic? I adore it.

And oh, hey, sharing a table of contents with Brandon Sanderson, Tim Powers, and Sean Williams, yeah, hey, no big deal. *ahem*

I still have to remain secretive about the story itself, since it has another round of blind judging coming up for the Golden Pen award, and that's driving me a little nuts. I want to shout about my story already! But it won't be long now. I've already completed the editing process with the awesome David Farland. All that's left is to make travel preparations for the big gala. April is creeping up quickly. Soon I'll be whisked off to Hollywood for a surreal week of education and splendor. Can't wait.



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