Published Fiction

"How Have You Been? I'm a Mech Pilot Now"
in Stupefying Stories, forthcoming

in Nature, 11.13.14
in Blue Monday Review, 9.01.15

"The Unworthy"
in Fantasy Scroll Magazine, 6.30.14
in Dragons, Droids, & Doom, 11.15.15

"Child Soldier"
in Daily Science Fiction, 12.26.13
on the Beam Me Up! Podcast, 09.07.15

"Item Not As Described"
in Unidentified Funny Objects 2, 10.07.13
in Kasma Magazine, 2.16.15

"Battle Lines"
in Plasma Frequency Magazine, 7.29.13
in Fantasy Scroll Magazine, forthcoming

"The Dragon Weeps"
in Kazka Press, 9.01.12
in Sorcerous Signals, 11.09.14

"A Giant Mess of Darkness"
in Ray Gun Revival, 6.25.12