Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sold: "Child Soldier" to Daily Science Fiction

I have some good news to share. This past week, I sold a science fiction story called Child Soldier to Daily Science Fiction.

If you're unfamiliar with them, DSF publishes original science fiction and fantasy every weekday, often by some of the top names in the field. If you'd like to give them a read there are two ways: you can subscribe to their mailing list and get a new story in your email inbox every day, or you can visit their site if you'd prefer to read from a web browser (the content on the site runs a week behind the mailing list, however). Both are free of charge, and many of the stories DSF publishes are flash length, making them perfect fodder for that morning coffee break. I'm a regular reader of theirs, so as you might imagine, I'm pretty excited about this sale. I don't have a date of publication yet, but rest assured I'll let you know here when Child Soldier goes live.

This also marks another milestone for me this year, as this is not only my second sale at professional rates (my first was "Item Not As Described" to UFO 2 earlier this year while I was away at Odyssey), but also my first to a SFWA-qualifying market. I now qualify for an associate membership, and with two more sales to qualifying markets I can become an active member. This has been an aspiration of mine since I began writing short fiction a couple years ago, so I'm very pleased to take a huge step forward in that regard.

As my last entry detailed, 2013 has been a year of major growth for me, and I'm hoping to use this momentum to continue pushing forward. As we move toward the last quarter of the year, I hope to finish strong and come out swinging in 2014. I've never been more optimistic about the future.

photo credit: Gene Wilburn via cc