Friday, September 11, 2015

Writers of the Future Radio Interview, Podcast Reading

Prepare your earholes! I am attacking you with audio on two fronts this week.

Last week, the Writers of the Future publicity machine began churning, giving me a taste of things to come. Articles about my win ran in some local newspapers, which made for some fun scrapbook fodder. My wife and I had an adventure tracking down a copy of The Lake Worth Herald on a rainy Sunday this past weekend, which led to us stumbling upon the paper's offices and meeting the friendly editor.

I also had my first ever radio interview, with Larry Whitler & Robin MacBlane on WOCA in Ocala, FL. I had some nerves going in, but they made it easy for me. Other than a slight over-enunciation of a word or two on my part, I think it went great. I hope I can come back and chat with them again after the gala.

In other news, my story Child Soldier was featured on Beam Me Up! this past week. Beam Me Up! is broadcast on WRFR in Rockland, ME, but also exists in podcast form, so you can listen online. Child Soldier is a short story about a war veteran's encounter with a young boy affected by the conflict. It was originally published in Daily Science Fiction in 2013.



  1. Wow! Very cool!

    I didn't know you wrote full time. That is beyond awesome that you have that kind of support from your wife. :)

    1. Thanks, Krystal!

      I'm a very lucky man. She's been amazing, and I could never have made as much progress as I have without her.


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