Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Read "Project Earth is Leaving Beta" in Flash Fiction Online

Project Earth is Leaving Beta is reprinted today in Flash Fiction Online. This humorous flash piece is written in the style of a Kickstarter update sent to backers of "Project Earth," the elaborate MMO game that is our lives. You can read it alongside awesome stories from Alexis A. Hunter, Samantha Murray, and my roommate from Writers of the Future (and Golden Pen winner), Matt Dovey.

When Nature first published this story back in May, it received a bit of attention, which I'm not used to! Cory Doctorow shared it on Boing Boing, saying, "JW Alden's arch, funny short-short science fiction story in Nature, is a delightful little piece of design fiction..." and Bruce Sterling called it "pretty good" and "pretty funny" in his column on Wired. I'll take it!

This is my first publication in Flash Fiction Online. I'm very happy to see Project Earth is Leaving Beta out in the wild again at one of my favorite markets.



Thanks for reading!