Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Listen to "The Tentacles Never Lie" on Cast of Wonders

The newest episode of Cast of Wonders, a Young Adult fiction podcast featuring tales of the fantastic, dropped today. It features a story of mine called The Tentacles Never Lie.

The Tentacles Never Lie is about a saleswoman working for a mega-conglomerate called GalactiCorp, which profits from selling failed and faulty retail products to an alien race with no concept of dishonesty. Tune in to hear my attempt at making a tale of greed, lies, and corporate ethics lighthearted and fun.

The story is brought to life by Megan Leigh, who did an excellent job narrating--especially considering I didn't make it easy for her with words like Dthlrap, baryonic synchrotron, and sucrasulfasacchlitol.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Read "Möbius" in The Future is Nigh

The Future is Nigh, a free anthology of short works from ten Writers of the Future winners, releases today. Inside, you can find Möbius, a flash piece of mine that originally appeared in the pages of Nature in 2014.

Also featured within are stories by these awesome authors:

Martin L. Shoemaker
Liz Colter
Matthew S. Rotundo
C. Stuart Hardwick
Laurie Tom
Marina J. Lostetter
Brian Trent
William Ledbetter
Matt Dovey

Did I mention it's FREE? Just follow this link and click "get it now" to download an epub, mobi, or PDF.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Check Out the Flash Fiction Online 2016 Anthology

Volume 1 of the Flash Fiction Online 2016 Anthology released this week, which includes my story Project Earth is Leaving Beta. This volume of the anthology collects science fiction stories published by FFO in 2016.

Project Earth is Leaving Beta first saw publication in Nature, where it received some positive remarks from Wired and BoingBoing. It was later reprinted in Flash Fiction Online, hence it's inclusion here.

Here's a list of the other awesome authors featured in the anthology:

John Wiswell
Benjamin C. Kinney
Joy Kennedy O’Neill
Rachael K. Jones
Lora Gray
Caroline M. Yoachim
Michelle Ann King
Derrick Boden
Gary Emmette Chandler
Stewart C Baker
Matt Dovey
Shannon Peavey
Raven Jakubowski
Alexis A. Hunter
Kat Otis

Pick it up and give it a read!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Listen to "The Sun Falls Apart" on StarShipSofa

You can hear an audio adaptation of my story The Sun Falls Apart on the Hugo-winning podcast StarShipSofa this week.

The Sun Falls Apart is about a teenage boy named Caleb who has never seen the sun. Boarded windows and a fortified door have kept the outside world a mystery his entire life. The only way out is passing the strange tests his parents conduct on him–tests that require Caleb to grasp at a power he doesn’t understand. This story won 1st Place in Writers of the Future last year, and was originally published in Writers of the Future Volume 32. Now StarShipSofa brings it to life with the help of narrator Spencer DiSparti.

This is my first publication with StarShipSofa, but it's the third time I've had the pleasure of hearing an audio adaptation of my work, and I always get a kick out of it. It's particularly interesting to hear how the narrator interprets your characters versus how you hear them in your head. It can be a learning experience!