Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Listen to "The Tentacles Never Lie" on Cast of Wonders

The newest episode of Cast of Wonders, a Young Adult fiction podcast featuring tales of the fantastic, dropped today. It features a story of mine called The Tentacles Never Lie.

The Tentacles Never Lie is about a saleswoman working for a mega-conglomerate called GalactiCorp, which profits from selling failed and faulty retail products to an alien race with no concept of dishonesty. Tune in to hear my attempt at making a tale of greed, lies, and corporate ethics lighthearted and fun.

The story is brought to life by Megan Leigh, who did an excellent job narrating--especially considering I didn't make it easy for her with words like Dthlrap, baryonic synchrotron, and sucrasulfasacchlitol.


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