About J.W. Alden

J.W. Alden has always been fascinated with the fantastic. As such, he's made science fiction and fantasy his literary domain—though some other weird things sneak in from time to time.

Growing up along the coasts of Florida, James learned to hate the sun and love the shade. While most kids his age spent their weekends at the beach or on the basketball court, he buried himself in books, movies, and video games. He now lives near West Palm Beach with his wife Allison, who doesn't mind the odd assortment of musical instruments and medieval weaponry that decorate his office (as long as he tries to brandish the former more often than the latter).

Alden is a graduate of the 2013 class of Odyssey Writing Workshop and a member of Codex Writers and SFWA. His fiction has appeared in Nature, Daily Science Fiction, the Unidentified Funny Objects anthology series, and various other publications. Check the "Published Fiction" tab to give some of it a read.